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Myths about breastfeeding and exercising

Let’s be honest, after having kids, finding time to exercise is a challenge. From my own experiences, sometimes I manage an hour long work out and other days it's a quick 20 minute walk with bub in the stroller or simply chasing my toddler around the park.  Whatever it is, I aim to get my body moving and releasing those feel good endorphins! There are many women out there (my own Mum included) who are cautious about exercising while breastfeeding. They especially worry that exercise will adversely affect their milk supply.  To help you separate fact from fiction we reached out to the experts for their opinion. Dr Hong Tran is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Grow Obstetrics in East Melbourne, Australia...

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Slow down's okay to slow down.  It's okay to stay in my pj's, with my hair in a messy bun and have Netflix on the whole day.  

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Getting your glo back

So your adorable bundle of joy has finally made their way into your world (and turned it upside down), but with something resembling a routine down pat, and with clearance from a medical professional, you're feeling like ready to get your back into to exercise? You glo mama! Read our tips advice for getting back to exercise.

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