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Secure attachment. Could this be the secret to sleep?

By Gemma Fisk, Certified Infant Sleep Consultant How do we create a secure attachment?  Creating a secure attachment with your baby will help them to feel safe and loved but above all it contributes to your child having healthy emotional, social and cognitive development. This is so strong that it will see them through until adulthood. Secure attachment is built through many different ways but the main one is ‘responsiveness’. By responding to your child’s needs you are building your bond and helping them to feel loved, protected and safe. Once this foundation has been set, your little one will begin to feel confident and safe enough to become more independent and explore for themselves. A secure attachment is also built through...

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Happiness Chemicals...and how to hack them!

Ever noticed how getting a big squeezy hug from a loved one, can make you feel so good? Or how simply laughing at an impossible situation can instantly make the situation better? Our amazing bodies are biologically designed to positively reinforce the things that are good for us. So things that are good or safe for us, will make us feel good, and things that are bad for us, or dangerous, will have the opposite effect. The great news is, these positive reinforcements, or happiness chemicals, can be triggered by things we do in our daily lives.

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COVID-19: Is it safe to go to the gym?

So you're finally able to start exercising again, and ready to hit the gym. But in the new world order, could a visit to your local healthclub, actually be bad for your health? The Australian government have suggested that the benefits of physical exercise still outweigh the negatives at this point, but one physician, Dr. Norman Swan, who was interviewed on the ABC's Coronacast, a podcast dedicated to answering questions about COVID-19, labelled gyms as "high risk" locations for the disease to spread.  The data from China indicates the gyms are a high prevalence areas for the virus to spread. Here's what we know: Fitness equipment can be a happy home for germs.  A US company FitRated, which rates and...

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Our weaning story

It’s been almost 4 months since I weaned my baby Noah off the boob. I think only now I’ve come out the other end! Noah was 17 months and he was still having breastmilk. As soon as he woke up, he would say “milk!” and would be SO excited to see me! It was the best feeling knowing I gave him that joy. To see his face light was incredibly special.  Unfortunately I received news that a loved one was unwell. I knew it meant I may have to return home to Australia to be with my family. Bringing Noah along wasn’t a feasible option so the decision to possibly go alone was difficult. The day came and I had to...

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Power Pumping

OK - so if you've ever struggled with your milk supply (like I did), you'll no doubt have researched how to boost your milk supply in every which way possible.  This is one technique that I tried, that I think actually worked for me, so I wanted to share how it works, in case it helps another mama out. First of all, what is it?  It's a technique that mimicks how a baby going through a growth spurt feeds.  The idea is that the action stimulates the release of prolactin (the milk making hormone) from the pituitary gland - telling the body to 'make more milk!'. How do you do it? 1. Set aside an hour a day, say morning...

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